Ranking of the best neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona

best neighborhoods to invest in BarcelonaDo you dream of investing or living in BarcelonaHave you ever thought of having everything at your fingertips in a big city? Did you know that Barcelona is number one in Spain in terms of quality of life? If the answer to these questions is yes, in this article we are going to show you the best neighborhoods in the Catalan capital to invest in a home.

The climate, the sea and the cultural and gastronomic offer are some of the most important factors that make Barcelona an ideal place to live. However, we know that sometimes there are other needs depending on our lifestyle and our purchasing power, such as having children or living as a couple, which can make us prefer one neighborhood over another.

As of today, the average price per square meter of housing in Barcelona is €4,400, somewhat below the average of recent years, and only surpassed by Bilbao as the most expensive city to live in Spain.

But quality pays, and the Catalan capital has proven to have enough reasons for us to want to move to live in one of the best cities in the world.

Horta - Guinardó

Located north of Barcelona, it is a residential neighborhood with educational centers, sports facilities, gardens, libraries ... And everything you need to move with children. More than a neighborhood you could say that Horta is like a small town that nevertheless has all the comforts of living in a big city.

Although the map places this district on the outskirts of Barcelona, the truth is that it has a wide network of transport and access. The most surprising thing is that it is one of the most affordable areas of the city since the m2 is at 2,953 €, almost 1,500 € less if we compare it with the average price of the city.

El Raval - Ciutat Vella

Multiculturalism is the hallmark of this neighborhood, chosen by young people for its diversity, its numerous leisure activities and perfect transport connections. Although living in El Raval already means living in the center of Barcelona. And that is its great advantage, that of not needing the metro to move around the city.

The price per m2 in this area is 3,587 €, quite low compared to the rest of the neighborhoods, which makes this district one of the most profitable for a long-term investment. Although we must know that most of the houses are to be renovated, so our budget will increase.

La Barceloneta - Ciutat Vella

The perfect option if you want to live on the beachfront and enjoy the advantages of the most cosmopolitan area of the city. La Barceloneta is another district within the Ciutat-Vella neighborhood itself, which stands out for its wide range of nightlife and, of course, for its seafront promenade.

Although the m2 is only 200€ less than the average price of the city, 4.237€, the great advantage of buying a property in this area is that you can get a very high profitability if you rent it as tourist accommodation. Its peak season is, of course, the summer, although Barcelona is a tourist city all year round, so do not worry because your profits could be very high. A risky option but that could not miss in our ranking of the best neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona.

Poblenou - Sant Martí

This is one of the areas that has evolved the most in recent years in Barcelona. Formerly Poblenou was known for its industrial factories, a character that is still impregnated in the neighborhood, today converted into the business district par excellence of Barcelona.

Underground aesthetics, high-end bars and restaurants and chill out terraces are some of the most characteristic aspects of the area. Buying a property in this district is a real bargain if we take into account that the average price per m2 is 3.541€, and let's not forget that Poblenou is still a step away from the beach of the city and is one of the favorite places for foreigners to invest in Barcelona, that's why it had to be in our ranking of best neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona.

Vila de Gracia - Gracia

Despite being the smallest district in Barcelona, it is one of the most inhabited, and that translates into life. Life in the squares, in the streets, on the terraces... Vila de Grácia is not the Paris of the late 19th century, but its bohemian air and its art culture may well resemble it.

In addition to all services, such as hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets, the neighborhood has a wide variety of national and international entertainment, with restaurants serving African and Mexican cuisine, etc. Moving to this area will cost us 4.186€/m2, 300€ less than the city average, but with the certainty that it will be a very long term investment.

Sant Gervasi - Galvany

It is considered one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona, with large green areas and parks, where the architecture of its buildings stands out. Formerly it was the high bourgeoisie who resided in this neighborhood, although nowadays not everyone can afford its high prices, as the price per square meter in the district is 5,133 €.

However, the tranquility and security that the area brings to the quality of life of its inhabitants is unmatched by any other neighborhood in Barcelona. Sant Gervasi is home to the best schools in the city and, as a curiosity, it is the neighborhood with the lowest unemployment rate in the entire Catalan capital. The safest option for long-term investment in our ranking of the best neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona.

University Zone - Les Corts

We could say that this university area, within the district of Les Corts, is the neighborhood of all Barcelona where more young people live together. Of course, this is due to the proximity of the university campuses and also, to a lesser extent, to the leisure offer that exists in the area, such as nightclubs, restaurants, terraces... A apartment in this area can be expensive since the m2 is at 4.800€, 400€ more than the average of Barcelona.

The reason for these high prices is its proximity to one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Barcelona, Predralbes. However, buying a home in this neighborhood could be a good option if we think of it as a long-term investment and as a student rental. a very good option to consider as one of the best neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona.

San Antoni - L'Eixample

Despite being one of the most central districts of the city, L'Eixample has always been characterized as a quiet area where you can stroll peacefully. Specifically, San Antoni is a young neighborhood where art culture predominates with exhibition galleries and museum halls, as well as its culinary offerings.

Although we must take into account the traffic in this area, undoubtedly the great advantage of investing here in a house is its location and its connections with other districts of Barcelona. In addition, the price per m2 is 4,492€, a figure that is not far from the average for the city.

Real estate investment is always one of the best economic strategies, either to live or to rent, and more in a city like Barcelona that is in continuous growth. In most of the cases it is about houses to be refurbished, especially if the investment is in some of the most central neighborhoods of the city, such as Ciutat Vella or Sarriá. That is why we must take into account our budget and adjust to the needs of the market, in case our investment is for future rentals.

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I hope you liked this article about the best neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona, soon we will see you in new articles we are preparing 🙂



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